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Commodore Gallery

From places near and far, the computers and accessories of Commodore Business Machines have made their way into my humble home. These digital wonders are my favorite toys, being both my chief hobby and greatest passion. You may want to check out the Canonical List of Commodore Products for more information on the myriad of Commodore products before proceeding. And so, without further ado, I welcome you to join with me in the wonderous exploration of these awesome machines....

My Commodore Collection

*NOTE* The pictures on these pages have varied sources. Most are pictures either I took, or pictures I picked up off of eBay auctions. If any of these pictures belong to someone else, let me know and I'll either remove them or credit the owner. I would not intentionally steal someone elses picture, or deny credit where appropriate. I could have just taken my own photos, but in many cases those auction pictures were just plain better.

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