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Commodore 9/9 Adding Machine

cbm/cbmcalcs/cbmcalc217.gif Commodore 217 Adding Machine Alongside their core Typewriter business, Commodore dived into the adding machine market in the late 1950s. Here is the Commodore 217 Adding machine (left) and 202 Adding Machine (right). The model 207 is below (left), the US*121P is below (right), and its slimmer cousin the US*151P is below (center).

cbm/cbmcalcs/cbmcalc208.gif Commodore 208 Adding Machine

cbm/cbmcalcs/cbmcalc202.gif Commodore 202 Adding Machine Commodore President Jack Tramiel eventually took a trip to Japan to see what happening there. When he came back, Commodore changed direction (not for the first or last time) and began producing hand-held calculators.

cbm/cbmcalcs/cbmcalc207.gif Commodore 207 Adding Machine

cbm/cbmcalcs/cbmcalcus151p.gif Commodore US*151P Adding Machine cbm/cbmcalcs/cbmcalcus121p.gif Commodore US*121P Adding Machine

cbm/cbmcalcs/201.gif Commodore 201 Adding Machine cbm/cbmcalcs/cbmcalc201also.gif Also a Commodore 201 Adding Machine

cbm/cbmcalcs/cbmcalcquick.gif Commodore Quick Adding Machine cbm/cbmcalcs/cbmcalc412p.gif Commodore 412P *Electronic* Adding Machine

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