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An so it begins...

The clans of the Kingdom of Paran are seldom at peace, with her squabbling warlords and clan leaders, but for a thousand years, the leader of the clan Paranese has ruled over them as King. When a forty year war breaks out between the brutual Rolsof and Kauth clans, the young boy King, and his father before him, decide not to intervene, figuring that the fight may spill enough blood to subdue and weaken them both. However, it is at the end of this war, with victory for the Kauth in sight, that a conspiracy is born.

Maintaining a strange neutrality in the war, Gunther the Kauth, leader of the famous Academy of Warriors, begins delaying the graduation of his students, slowly building an impressive army of fresh elite fighting men. Meanwhile, he also dispatches his secret troops to acquire certain magical artifacts, to add to his power, and uses a threat of Elvish invasion, almost to Gunthers disaster, to seal an alliance with other clans. When the warlord Robert the Warhammer, leader of the Kauth in their victory against the Rolsof, returns to claim his prize, he finds a confident and powerful Gunther, who quickly dispatches Robert and himself claims the spoils of victory.

The King of Paran is caught off guard. Expecting two beaten down clans passified by their fatigue, he finds instead a new power rising in the west, and an unfamiliar name calling himself King of all Paran. When a powerful Orcish army invades the west, the young boy King again decides to stay on the sidelines, hoping the battles may weaken his usurpers forces. In this he is correct, though there are unintended consequences, as the Kauth secure the loyalty of the independent City of Maltan, and of the northern Kesana clan during the battles against the invasion.

The lands of the Paranian tribes are now in utter turmoil, torn apart by the competing warlords. The army of the young King of Paran have finally marched on the encampments of his rival usurper, the brutal but capable Gunther the Kauth. As the "Battle for Bethu" rages in the west for the the rights to the throne, the great city of Paran, long a lone beacon of stability in the region, is beseiged by the Kesana and Dartan clans loyal to Gunther, along with some of the elite assassins of Gunther. Only the Tabatan clan remains loyal to the traditional thrown.

What will be the fate of the Kingdom? Will the King defeat his rival and fend off the thrusts of the rebellious clans? Will Gunther prove victorious and enter the city of Paran as King behind the support of those clans who have pledged it? Will the evil priestess Krytir, working tirelessly to undermine both regimes, succeed in her goal of utter anarchy in the region? And what of the curse of Drakavo, the Black Dragon, and his prophecy?

The final battle has yet to be fought. The future hangs in the balance.

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