Titan vs. Tinytan:

Blurp's Challenge

After everyone woke from the chaotic day, Blurp decided it was his turn to make a wish. So he tossed in a copper, and out popped the two gaseous forms. Blurp's wish was to face the masters of the well in Mortal Kombat (play theme music). One of the gaseous forms solidified into a 27 foot tall Djinn, and the other turned into a man dressed in black robes. The man Enlarged Blurp, doubling his size to 6'4", in order to make the battle a little more fair. Blurp went after the giant Djinn's legs, causing massive damage, but he hit him very seldom. The Djinn strikes were hard as well, and one blow caused Blurp to get knocked unconscious. But before the Djinn sent in the finishing blow, he was hit, and hit harder by Ahlara, played by Tyra, and by a few Magic Missiles from Malyus. The man in black robes changed into a bronze dragon and all of our mercinaries swarmed it. But Ahlara gave the final blow, just like she did the night before.

We continued our journey toward Brick City only to find the town in ruins. Most of the mercinaries dispersed, but Krytir's followers remained. Our journey then led us back to the Great North Road and onward toward Gunther's Keep. During our trek, we came across some people hiding in the brush, Krytir did not want to deal with them so she Entangled them and we carried on. Not much further down the road was yet another orc requesting us to pay a toll. He is dressed like a shaman, wielding a large staff with the skull of a dragon hanging from it, and a small amulet hanging from his neck. Malyus, still wearing the Amulet, got off the cart and circled behind him, and then whispered "I am your Master, kneel before Zod." The orc spun around looking for the man who spoke those words, but Malyus was invisible. Lynxiepoo shot two arrows into the orcs back, causing the orc to spin back around to face the rest of the party. The orc then yanked the amulet from his neck and began chanting about our demise. Malyus grabbed the two arrows that were stuck in the orcs back, and he began twirling them around in the orcs back. A dragon rose out of the thick grass and flew toward the orc. It grabbed the amulet from the orc's hand as the orc fell to his death. The party told the dragon that we wished it no harm, so it flew off to the Northwest.

As we continued along the Great North Road, some scouts approached us. They were scouts from Gunther's Army. They led us to Gunther's position, and we informed King Gunther of the defeat of the orcs, the state of Brick City, and the Paranian army at the Undead City. And that the King of Paran was with the army.

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Our Exile

Gunther sent scouting parties off in each direction looking for the orcs. A small group of people entered the camp and accused us of attacking them. We of course did no such thing ... yet ... , and explained that it was just some plants that Entangled them. But Captain Phillip, trying to be diplomatic, said that he would deal with these ruffians. So Captain Phillip gave us two options: to disappear by leaving the camp and scout to the west, or to disappear and hope that Master Dilherst finds use for your body some day in the distant future. After hours of Ahlara, played by Tyra, provoking Phillip, we eventually chose the first option. On our way out of camp, we stopped by Gunther and delivered a couple gifts to him. The first being an embalmed Strausser, and the second a more reluctant gift of the Amulet. Gunther was so happy about the return of his Amulet, that he ordered Phillip to get us fresh rations & supplies. After we were fully restocked, we left the camp and started to head west.

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Our scouting efforts led us into a thick forest, hoping to find orcs or elves to slaughter, but instead we found a castle. As we approached the castle a group of guards at the gate charged us, Blurp charged at them in his chariot, while Malyus chuckled at the illusionary guards that Blurp was about to run through. Once Blurp valiantly dispatched the air, we scaled the wall and examined the inner compound. There was a stable with six black stallions, a few small buildings, and a grand castle with two giant towers extending into the sky. There were two entrances to the place, we chose to enter on the second floor. While we were traversing the steps, we were attacked by a few green abishis (devils, to be un-politically correct). One was slain while the rest teleported away. Inside the castle were numerous pits, tons of strange masks hanging on the walls, dozens of abishis (green, red, and black), werewolves, mages, guards, servants, ghosts, ghouls, zombies, thieves... Blurp now has a wonderous collection of body parts: ears, claws, and fangs to name a few. When we got near the top of the castle, we came across a fellow named Cerebus, who happened to be a brother of Ahlara, played by Tyra. He informed us that he had been looking for us, and that Gunther had met the King of Paran on the battle field. And during the fight, the orcs returned and slaughtered many paranians before being routed. Gunther took half of his remaining army and proceeded to the south, while Captain Phillip and Master Dilherst took the other half of the army and pursued the remaining orcs. After he was done with the tale, he joined the party and we finished the exploration of the castle. In the master bedroom we found a shattered mirror, a mirror of life trapping.

After we left the castle, we took the six stallions, Lynxiepoo decided it was time to leave the group and reunite with the military. And Krytir left with her followers in order to cause chaos throughout the land. The remaining members of the party began the trek to the south to meet up with King Gunther. We battled ghouls, harpies, wereboars, and owlbears on our journey, allowing Malyus to increase his entourage by a few critters.

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Autarch Gunther?

Our journey continued to the south, towards the city of Maltan. It is one of the few organized towns in Paran. As we rounded the forest to the north of the town we came across a group of orcs attacking a female warrior wielding a two-bladed sword. Ahlara, played by Tyra, charged the orcs and two females decimated the few orcs. The warrior introduced herself as Reiko, Lori's new character. Battle interests her greatly, and we told her that we were going to go kill an army of orcs, so she joined our little group.

As we neared the city of Maltan, we prepared ourselves to help King Gunther with the siege. However, the orcish army had the entire city surrounded, with the majority of their army on the northern side of the city. We circled around to the southern side of the city and fought our way to the city walls and climbed over. Once inside the city, Cerberus consulted with a guard and we were escorted to the main building where Gunther was staying. Once inside we learned why Gunther hasn't destoryed the orcs. The leader of the city of Maltan, the Autarch, has been slain by a stray arrow. Gunther planned to take control of the city, and he needed our help with his plan.

Malyus used one of Master Dilherst's scrolls of Animate Dead and brought the Autarch back to "life". Captain Phillip had worked on his impersonation of the Autarch voice, and with Malyus' help of ventriloquism and controlling the Autarch's movements, we delivered a speech to the people of Maltan to inform them that the Autarch wished that Gunther take control of the city if he were to die. We then planned his death to occur during our assault of the orcs. While Gunther, Malyus with the Amulet once again in his possession, Reiko, Cerberus, and the majority of the army went out the front gate to slaughter the orcs, Blurp went over the back wall to lure a group of orcs into the city to kill the Autarch. Ahlara, played by Tyra, awaited the orcs within the compound. During the orcs assault of the compound, they were spotted by a group of guards and a noble. The orcs penetrated the compound anyway and they slayed the Autarch, and Ahlara, played by Tyra, slayed the orcs. The noble wound up being the Autarch's son, and he declared himself the new Autarch.

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Searching for Dilherst

During the next week, we recovered from our wounds and did a little shopping while we awaited the results of the power struggle between King Gunther and the new Autarch. The outcome was a peaceful one in which the Autarch and King Gunther remained friendly and Gunther would return to the north. Gunther then asked us to go find Master Dilherst, and that he already sent Cerberus out looking for a trail, and Captain Phillip asked us take a new recruit with us, because he doesn't get along very well with the rest of the troops. And if we can keep him alive, then Malyus is allowed to keep the Amulet. The newest member of our group is Morrtar, a dwarven fighter/cleric, and he is played by a new member of the gaming group, Mike #3... my brother. Reiko left the group and headed back to her homeland to the north.

We left the city of Maltan and journeyed to the northwest. We found a note from a messanger sent by Dilherst stating that he and his troops took shelter with a tribe of people, and he felt that the tribe's intentions have shifted to keeping Dilherst and his men as prisoners. Our journey continued to the north, and we came upon a riverbank, and Blurp spotted someone on the other side of the river and some movement in the water. An arrow was shot from across the river with a note attached stating that it was Cerberus, and that we should meet him a mile up the river where there was a crossing, and to beware of the giant turtle. As we began hacking our way through the brush we were attacked by a giant turtle and it was sliced and diced and roasted quickly. We then meet up with Cerberus and began looking for signs of Dilherst in this area, because Cerberus lost the trail here. We spotted a grave, where one of the troops was buried, and continue in that general direction. We came upon a couple of sentries, and Blurp snuck up on them and he was able to kill the first one. And while he approached the second sentry, the guard cried out for assistance. A battle ensued with a dozen jungle men. They swung through the air on vines, and attacked with poisoned spiked clubs. Their tactics are unusual, but they are unable to deal with our brute force, also known as Ahlara, played by Tyra. We examined the rest of the village and found a trail that lead off to a clearing. In the middle of the clearing was a three story Ziggaraut.

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Veggie Temple

We entered the temple's ground floor. This Temple is dedicated to a Nature God named Skoreth. The floor of the first level of the Ziggaraut is packed earth, while the ceiling is a thin layer of clouds with lightning flashing through it. There is a huge octaganal atrium on the western side of this floor. While examining the atrium, a Treant began to speak to us, and that shocked Blurp and he attacked it and Ahlara chopped it down with her mighty Battle Axe. Different sections of the temple were dedicated to the different forces of nature: earth, water, fire, and air, and the area was filled with a few Elementals of each type along with numerous worshippers of Skoreth.

The second level of the temple had a stone floor and lacked the eerie lighting from the ceiling. Stronger worshippers of Skoreth inhabited this area, along with other elemental creatures like a Xorn and a group of Shocker Lizards that almost kill the entire party. Morrtar did not make it through the encounter with the Lizards. Our exploration of the second level eventually led us to the northern part of the level, and we finally found Master Dilherst. He informed us that the rest of the army was on the third and final level of the temple, and that they were held to the trees by an evil Druid. Dilherst instructed us to distract the Druid while he freed the living soldiers, and he would then give a signal for us to retreat. We battled the Druid, but the entire level was a huge forest thus giving him the upper hand. The Druid and Malyus battled each other with spells, while the rest of the group battled with the creatures that the Druid had animated. A large group of Zombies started to approach us, and we knew that this was Dilherst sign to retreat.

We left the temple and made our way to the Undead City of Bethu. Where we met up with Gunther and learned that the clans were going to return to their homes for the winter, and that they were worried about the Paranians launching an offensive against the clans while they were split apart. So we volunteered to keep the Paranian Army busy during the winter months. We were told by Master Dilherst to seek out a Hermit in the swamp lands east of Paran for assistance.

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