Dawning of a New Age:

Crowning of a King

We didn't hear many of the details, but supposedly Robert the Warhammer defeated the Ralsolphs and has made piece with Gunther by promising Gunther his Academy back if Gunther would swear his loyalty to Robert. Master Dilherst insisted on taking the Windsword to Gunther, so Ahlara, played by Tyra, took the sword to him. And upon her return we went to Gunther's Keep to watch the ceremony. Outside the Keep were hundreds of people: two detachments of elves, an army under the banner of the Lukor, and an army under the banner of Robert the Warhammer. There was also a dias constructed, with chairs all around it. We learned that the priest who would be conducting the crowning was from the Lukor, an Elven Prince and the Lord of House Deleuse were to be witnesses, and Gunther was to place the Crown upon Robert's head. The ceremony finally started and Robert began his speach on how he was so proud of the alliance that is being forged, and of the future plans he has of taking the city of Param and uniting all of the clans once and for all. And then it became time for the crowning of a new King. Robert the Warhammer knelt down and awaited his crown, and Gunther climbed the dias with the Crown on a pillow and the Windsword at his hip. The Priest of Lukor took the Crown from the pillow, Gunther knelt down, and the Priest put the crown upon Gunther's head. Robert the Warhammer arose and howled in disgust, and Gunther drew the Windsword and sliced Robert's head clean off his neck. The Lord of House Deleuse drew a dagger and put it to the Elven Prince's neck and whispered into his ear, informing him to leave the lands of Param and never return. Gunther then made his speach of clan unification, and how Robert the Mad was going to lead a suicide mission against his own people, and that the Orcs who threaten our homes and familes should be dealt with...

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A King's Quest

After King Gunther's crowning, he and his advisors went toward his Keep to discuss the future. We were invited to attend this meeting, and during that meeting we learned of King Gunther's plans to start a campaign against the Orcs. He also asked us about our mission to retrieve the Windsword. And he realized that the Orcs might use the Undead City as a base of operation. Malyus brought up the Stolen Amulet that his other daughter was not able to retrieve, and suggestted that we retrieve it to hold off the Orcs. He agreed and we began our preparations for our long journey and hold up at the Undead City.

Our preparations took longer than anticipated, because of Christmas gifts which lead to the discovery of new spells. So Malyus spent six weeks researching new spells, Bone Knit and Bind Familiar. Remember the Imp that Blurp captured... well this is the reason why. Malyus bound the Imp as his Familiar, thus gaining all of it's special abilities and a few hinderences. All the while Mangra and Ahlara, played by Tyra, got in a drunken stupor, Blurp's Skull Chariot got constructed, Krytir looked for innocent souls to convert to her religion, and Lynxiepoo... well he is Lynxiepoo. Captain Phillip, the captain of the guard at Gunther's Keep, sent a detatchment to the Undead City since we were taking too long... I sure hope they are alive when we get there...

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Dark City

Before we headed out of Gunther's Keep, the party decided to get rid of Mangra. But he wasn't very cooperative in returning the items we lent him, so we dragged his dead body next to a tree after Blurp pulled his short sword from Mangra's back. With our items back in the parties inventory, we left Gunther's Keep. Blurp was riding in his new Chariot, Lynxiepoo, Krytir, and Ahlara, played by Tyra, were all on horseback, and Malyus and his zoo (10 skeletal cats, 6 zombie birds, 3 skeletal wolves, 1 squirrely imp, and a zombie deer with no skin... on the 6th day of... umm sorry) were all riding in the wagon.

During the first watch of our first night at camp, Lynxiepoo climbed a hill to relieve himself and ended up urinating on a Hill Giant's hand. Lynxiepoo was scared out of his mind and ran back to camp and woke everyone up. Malyus hit the giant with a Lightning Bolt and some Magic Missiles, Ahlara, played by Tyra, whacked him with her axe, Lynxiepoo used the giant as a pin cushion, and Blurp cut the giant's heart out with a spoon... "Why a spoon cousin?"... "Because it is dull you twit." Our journey continued to the south and we spotted dead bodies in the brush. So Blurp and Malyus began their investigation, also known as looting, of the battle field. We discovered that these were the men sent by Gunther to hold the Undead City from the orcs. Shortly thereafter, arrows began flying at us from the nearby trees and a battle ensued with a squad of orcs. During the battle, orcs sprung from the ground behind us, and they tried to steal out wagon. Krytir went after the wagon, while the rest of us were engaged in melee. Malyus incinerates four of them with Burning Hands while Blurp, Lynxiepoo, and Ahlara, played by Tyra, sliced and diced a few themselves. Malyus was unable to instruct his "pets" to defend the wagon over the noise of the battle, so he instructed the orcs to sleep. Thus allowing Ahlara, played by Tyra, and Malyus to go after the wagon and Krytir. The wagon was saved and the remaining orcs fled into the forest.

We grabbed all the weapons from the battle, loaded them into our wagon, and then continued our journey. Upon arrival to the Undead City, we noticed it was indeed inhabited by orcs. And a few of them were dragging a body inside the town through the front gate. That man, along with another just in front of us, were dressed in silver platemail. Lynxiepoo and Malyus recognized this man as one of Strausser's Knights.

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Siege Warfare

The party took cover behind a hill, and set up a temporary camp. Blurp and Malyus went to investigate the city. They circled the city to the western side, expecting to find the wall still broken down, but what they found was a bunch of rubble blocking the hole. The rubble stood only about six feet high, and was easily climbable. While Blurp and Malyus examined the city, the rest of the party was attacked by about twenty orcs, and the party slaughtered them. Blurp and Malyus eventually went back to camp, and when night fell Blurp went back to the city to explore the inside. Inside the city where a couple trolls, a few ogres, a couple dozen orogs, and hundreds of orcs.

We decided to get some help, so we went towards Brick City. A patrol met us on the Great North road, and we informed them of the orc's position. They sent a detachment to watch the orcs, a and we continued to Brick City. Upon arrival, we acquired two siege towers, a catapult, and a ballista. We also got a few mercinaries, seven fighters and five thieves, to join us in our fight against the orcs. And before we left town, the city council offered more help, so we took ten additional fighters and two apprentice mages.

We hid all of the siege weapons in the woods, and Malyus left his undead on guard duty. While the rest of us prepared an ambush for the orcs. We left all of our mercinaries at the ambush point, while the main party went invisible and into the city. We went straight for the church, where we found lots of sleeping orcs. We killed a half dozen before they woke up, and then we killed the rest. A couple groups of orcs that were on patrol then came back to the church to sleep, and we killed them too. Then we decided to head to the inn where the ogres and orogs where holding up. But before we could get there, we were discovered. So we fled towards the orcs ballista and destroyed it, and then continued towards our ambush point, with the ogres and orogs in pursuit.

The ambush was triggered, allowing us to dispatch the ogres very easily. Our burning oil caught three of the orogs, and Malyus' Lightning Bolt hit an ogre and twelve orogs, taking down seven of the orogs. Our mercinaries fought with the orogs, but a few orogs got past them to engage us. And two of them ganged up on Blurp and knocked him out. But we finally finished off all but one orog, and we let him flee back to the city. Ten of our mercinaries perished in the battle, and Blurp was incapacitated. We grabbed all of our gear, and headed towards the siege weapons to camp out for the night.

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Malyus' Amulet

After regrouping, and tending to Blurp, we put all the mercinaries on watch and all of Malyus' pets on patrol. We then went to the northern side of the city, and Malyus cast Stone to Flesh on the wall. We cut and crawled our way through the wall into the inner keep. In the main chamber was the orc chief, One-Eyed the Fungal Toe, the orc shaman, and a couple stonger orcs. The shaman cast Hold Person on Lynxiepoo, while Krytir casted Random Causality on One-Eyed the Fungal Toe. Thus allowing the rest of the part to slay the shaman, and the other two orcs, and eventually One-Eyed the Fungal Toe. Around One-Eyed the Fungal Toe's neck was a nice amulet that Malyus picked up and put on immediately, making himself invisible to almost everyone in the room. We then went into the western bedroom and found Strausser locked up in a closet, Krytir tortured him, and Malyus killed him. We decided to take a rest here, so Blurp could get healed up and Malyus get his spells back.

Our rest was disturbed, thus causing their life forces to be disturbed. When we finish resting, Malyus left the city via the hole in the wall, and went to get the rest of our men. When he brought them back to the castle we put them into the watch towers, and went out to the courtyard. A battle ensued and Malyus Lightning Bolted a group of orcs, and then disabled the archers by cutting their bow strings while the rest of the party slaughtered the orcs. The battle led us to the trolls, where Malyus' Burning Hands, Ahlara's, played by Tyra, battle axe, and Lynxiepoos rapiers dispatched the trolls. A few orcs fled the city and Ahlara and Krytir pursued. When the got outside Krytir saw about eight hundred orcs coming our way. She blocked Ahlara's vision, because she was in a berserker rage, thus causing her to collapse. We locked the gate, and climbed the walls to see the orc's approach. Their approach was halted by an army of Paranians.

Malyus lept over the wall and floated to the ground from his Feather Fall. His journey led him to the battle field where he used the Amulet to cause fear in the Orcs. Meanwhile a detachment from the Paranian army went to the city. They were allowed in, and they basically arrested the us. They put us and our men back into the room where we spent the night less than a few hours ago. Back on the plains, Malyus went to check on his "friends", and discovered that they were being attacked by three soldiers. Malyus ordered the rest of his friends to come aid his wolves, and the "zoo" triumphed. Malyus then loaded up the wagon and took it around the city to our hold in the wall. The rest of the party got fed up of staying in the "jail", so they busted out, and tossed the two guards in the room. They saw Malyus through the hole, and exited it and the party left to the north.

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Krytir's Chaos

As the party fled to the north, we spotted a shack. Feeling tired due to lack of sleep, we went to the shack. The shack was empty and poorly put together. A well, with a sign labeled "Wishing Well", was near the shack. Krytir and her crazies tossed a coin in, and a gaseous form came out of the well. "What is your wisssshh?" it asked. Krytir's response was "Chaos to rule the land." Shortly thereafter, some people started to do odd things. Krytir started passing out all of her money to those who looked poor and her clothes to those who looked cold. Ahlara passed out that which Lynxiepoo has recieved on numerous occasions from barmaids, farm girls, cabin boys, and triplets. One of the mercinaries passed out all of his ale and told tales of his ancestors. And a bright beam of light shined down from the heavens right on Krytir's @$$... err her backpack, full of Holy Symbols of Alram.

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