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This is a doggerel page

Below are a collection of little poems and bits of nonsense I've worked on. Many of them come from letters I mailed to my ex-girlfriend titled "Debbie's Daily Doggerel", while others are just silly ideas and collaborations inspired from time to time.

Little Funnies

. The Programmer's Blues
. The Tailor's Kids
. Wish Upon a Star
* The Bachelors Prayer
. Ode to Little White Donuts
. Ode to Tofu Fishsticks
. My Cuddly Happy Dancing Teddy Bear
. What Chickens are Good For
* To Bee, or NOT to Bee...
. The Tale of Joe and Pam
. The Confused Court
. The Scope Creep
. Ode to RamLet
. The Baronot in the Nee
. That Bug on your Forehead (for Nat)
. Chris, Lord of the Fog
. The Little Program that Couldn't
. Zero CPU Time
. T'was the Night Before Thanksgiving

Other poems

* A Moment Of Your Time
. Lunch Break
. A Lesson In Expectation
. Just a poem
. Finality
* Insomnia
. The Unopened Can
. Where is
. Salute to CoffeeMud (w/ Stephanie!)


. Riddle #1

***These are some of my favorites

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