Their Road Leads to a Mountain:

A Costly Toll Road

Go to Verbonic and buy stuff, then head toward Rastor. Dwarf making cookies at toll road, two stone giants... Oelwyn slaughters one of them, inform them to get a new line of work. Orc stew along road just outside Rastor

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Images of Rastor

Orcs, Humans and Dwarves... living together. Bar drinking game, Sol bets and wins w/ help from Marcus' inquiring mind. Drug dealer tries to get us hooked on his stuff. Inquire about jobs, find out about a stone mason job, head toward their early the next morning... and find an entrance into a mountain.

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Entering the Mountain

Sneak in and find some of the evil elemental symbols along with Gnoll and Human guards. Trog cleric and his zombies... note to trog, not to ally himself with earth temple. huge howler, more human guards. Black Trog w/ 2 swords... retire to the outside and bury the eq. come back next day and gate is guarded by a trog from the earth temple, Hill Giant and 4 Dire Boars...

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