The Heroes Realize Their Destiny:

Who wants Bacon?

Land on island, come across village, sleep in barn, werepigs, cure disease, kill orcs

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A Goddess' Warning

Go to temple of Malah? and speak about birthstone. Learn about some great temple of evil. Head to temple of magic and Marcus makes a few items and a few people are told to accompany us to speed our journey.

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Homlet Anyone?

Land at main port city, leave two guys in town and tell them to keep low. Head off to Homlet. In Homlet we followed road toward the big keep of the town, and the guards would not let us in, but said if we wanted excitement, then we should head down the right fork of the eastern road toward the Moathouse.

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Ruins of the Moathouse

Fight Dire Badgers, met the trapper w/ warning of Dragon. Approach moathouse and enter gate. Blood stained stones, dragon rises and creates dust storm. Zen Jump Punching, Oelwyn shoots and climbs walls to get better view. Go down stairs and kill/capture fanatics. Take her to the authorities in Homlet. Return to Moathouse and kill tons of Ghouls, Ghasts, and Gnolls. Cleric leader and Trog defending entrance to the Inverted Obelisk. Take rope elevators down, fight Grell and Insane Cleric. Touched black portal and kill Grellssssss.

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Dead City of Nulb

Enter runned down city, enter the Inn and defeat the ghost and thing upstairs. Find a human in the town, zen hits him, he withdraws into his room. Find boat w/ wights/wraiths? and ooze.

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The Old Temple

Kill Hobgoblins at wall entrance, enter temple and kill more hobgoblins, free goblin and human slaves. Defeat Hobgoblin Leader, underground bunker w/ fanatic and 2 bodyguards. Tower in the back of complex w/ goblins up top, set fire, free goblins kill rest.

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