The Visual Canonical List of Commodore Products ?

Produced in Some Quantities

Office Equipment
Time Pieces
Mechanical Adding Machine Series
Handheld Calculator Series
Desktop Calculator Series
Video Game Series
KIM "Computer Trainer" Series
Media Player Series
PET 2000 Series
CBM 3000 Series
CBM 4000 Thin Series
CBM 4000 Fat Series
CBM 8000 Series
SuperPet Series
CBM 300 Series
CBM-II Series
VIC-20 Series
CBM-64 Series
C-128 Series
CBM 264 Series
Amiga Series
PC Series
Datasette Series
Disk Drive Series
Printer Series
Monitor Series
Modem Series
Mouse Series
RAM Expanders
CPU Upgrade Series
Networking Series
Cartridge Series
Cassette Software Series
Diskette Software Series
CD Software Series
Miscellaneous Series

Products Not Released

Commodore HHC Series
Commodore TOI Series
Commodore PET Series
Commodore VIC Series
Commodore 128 Series
Commodore 64 Series
Commodore 264 Series
Commodore LCD Series
Commodore 64DX Series
Amiga Series
PC Series
Commodore PC Series
Drive Series
CPU Upgrade Series
Cartridge Series
Miscellaneous Series
C900 Series
Commodore P series

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Mouse Series
1900"Basic Mouse III" cream, curvey on LHS, 3 butt, PS/2
252594-01CDTV-Remote Control unit, rev 01. Diff button arrangement
252594-02CDTV-Remote Control unit, rev 02. Has sliding joy/mouse.
252594-11"Joy-Net" CDTV controller
313254-012 butt Amiga "Pregnant" mouse (3000T). Short cable.
313254-022 button Amiga "Pregnant" mouse (3000T). Long cable.
313255-013 butt Amiga "Pregnant" mouse (3000UX). Short cable.
313255-023 butt Amiga "Pregnant" mouse (3000UX). Long cable.
327124Amiga, 2 buttons white. 'Amiga' logo w/red sq dot for 'i'
327124-01A1000, 2 button beige with 90o connector (original A1000)
327124-052 button, white. 'Original' Amiga mouse shape - dated 03/92
327124-152 button Amiga mouse, indented sides to fit fingers 01/93
A600 MouseIdentical to 327124-15 - 'Model A600', date of '08/92'
CBM 1350Emulates Joystick only
CBM 1351  (2)Emulates Joy and prop mouse. sliding ball release
CBM 1352Amiga 2 button Mouse, will work with PC-III models.
CBM 1360Serial Mouse for PC series.
CD-1252Amiga 2 button mouse, black, infrared, CDTV dedicated
CD-1253CDTV mouse, 8.5 foot cable. black
KT49LYNX90S3 button PC mouse, beige, beetle shaped. C= 'flags' are red
LYNX-97PPS2 2 button serial mouse with protruding "ear" buttons
M/N:M-MD14-22 butt PC logitech mouse, beige, rect. w/ square corners
MUS-0I2 button PC PS/2 mouse, beige. Palm grip, Lg.Dk.Blue logo
Unknown2 button white w/ 'beetle' profile from the side. No PN