The Visual Canonical List of Commodore Products ?

Produced in Some Quantities

Office Equipment
Time Pieces
Mechanical Adding Machine Series
Handheld Calculator Series
Desktop Calculator Series
Video Game Series
KIM "Computer Trainer" Series
Media Player Series
PET 2000 Series
CBM 3000 Series
CBM 4000 Thin Series
CBM 4000 Fat Series
CBM 8000 Series
SuperPet Series
CBM 300 Series
CBM-II Series
VIC-20 Series
CBM-64 Series
C-128 Series
CBM 264 Series
Amiga Series
PC Series
Datasette Series
Disk Drive Series
Printer Series
Monitor Series
Modem Series
Mouse Series
RAM Expanders
CPU Upgrade Series
Networking Series
Cartridge Series
Cassette Software Series
Diskette Software Series
CD Software Series
Miscellaneous Series

Products Not Released

Commodore HHC Series
Commodore TOI Series
Commodore PET Series
Commodore VIC Series
Commodore 128 Series
Commodore 64 Series
Commodore 264 Series
Commodore LCD Series
Commodore 64DX Series
Amiga Series
PC Series
Commodore PC Series
Drive Series
CPU Upgrade Series
Cartridge Series
Miscellaneous Series
C900 Series
Commodore P series

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Disk Drive Series
Amiga 1010Single 3.5" 880K, offered for Amiga 1000, AmigaSerial.
Amiga 1011Single 3.5" 880K, offered for Amiga 500 & 2000, AmigaSerial.
Amiga 1020Single 5.25", 440K Amiga, 360K MS-DOS, In 1571 Case.
Amiga 2010Single 3.5", 880K Internal for A2000/2500.
Amiga 2015Single 3.5", 1.7MB Internal for A2000.
Amiga 2020Single 5.25", 440K Internal for A2000.
Amiga 2025Single 5.25", 1.2MB Internal for A2000.
Amiga 3010Single 3.5", 880k internal for A3000
Amiga 3015Single 3.5", 1.7M internal for A3000
Amiga 590SCSI and XT bus for A500, hard drive, Ram Expansion 2MB
CBM 1541*All types, see VIC 1541*
CBM 1541 II  (4)Single 5.25" 170K, Cream, Sep. PS, Direct Drive, Serial.
CBM 1541C  (5)Single 5.25" 170K, updated 1541, Brown, Turn-Down,Serial.
CBM 1542Single 5.25" 170K, Charcoal Gray, Serial.
CBM 1551  (2)1541, Push-Down Closure, Charcoal Gray, TED Parallel.
CBM 1570Single 5.25" SS Version of 1571, Cream in 1541 case.
CBM 1571  (2)Single 5.25" 340K(128),170K(64),CPM,Cream,Alps Mech,Serial.
CBM 1571CRInternal 1571 used in C128D
CBM 1581Single 3.5" 800K, Cream, Serial.
CBM 2020?dual ???" external floppy drives
CBM 2031  (2)Single 5.25" 170K, Off-White, IEEE-488.
CBM 2031 LP  (2)Single 5.25" 170K, DOS2.6, Off-White, 1541 Case,IEEE-488.
CBM 2031 LPRSingle 5.25" 170K, DOS2.6, Off-White, 1541 Case,IEEE-488.
CBM 2031-SLSingle 5.25" 170K, Off-White, IEEE-488. (SL = Slim Line)
CBM 2032Dual version of 2031, DOS 1.2, Second drive below first
CBM 2040  (2)Dual 5.25" 170K, DOS1.0, Off-White, No Rel Files, IEEE-488.
CBM 2081Single 5.25" ?????
CBM 30402040.
CBM 4031 HP2031 HP. (Has 4040 Mechanism)
CBM 4031 LP2031 LP.
CBM 4040  (2)Dual 5.25" 170K, DOS2.0 REV 1, Off-White, IEEE-488.
CBM 4040 LPDual 5.25" 170K, DOS2.6?, Off-White, Half Height, IEEE-488
CBM 8050  (3)Dual 5.25" 512K, DOS2.1, Off-White, IEEE-488.
CBM 8060Single 8", 750K, Off-White, IEEE-488.
CBM 8061Dual 8", 1.6M, Off-White, IEEE-488.(IBM 3740 and CBM format)
CBM 8062Dual 8", 3.2M, Off-White, IEEE-488.(IBM 3740 and CBM format)
CBM 8250Dual 5.25" 1MB, DOS2.7, Off-White, IEEE-488.
CBM 8250 LPDual 5.25" 1MB, DOS2.7, Off-White, Half Height, IEEE-488.
CBM 8280Dual 8" 1MB, DOS3.0, Off-White, Read IBM disks.
CBM 8280 LPDual 8" 1MB, DOS3.0, Off-White, Read IBM disks, Slimline.
CBM D90605 MB Hard Drive, DOS3.0, Off-White, IEEE-488.
CBM D90907.5 MB Hard Drive, DOS3.0, Off-White, IEEE-488.
CD 1411Black version of Amiga 1011. CDTV dedicated.
PC 910Single 3.5" 360K/720K, Internal for PC10/20-I-II-III.
PC 915Single 3.5" 1.44M, internal for PC10/20-I,II,III, PC30-III
PC 920Single 5.25" 360K, Internal for PC10/20-I-II-III.
PC 925Single 5.25" 1.2M, Internal for PC10/20-I-II-III.
PC 99220M hard drive, internal, for PC-10/PC-20-III and Colt
SFD 1001Single 5.25" 1MB, In 1541 Case, DOS2.7, Brown, IEEE-488.
SFS 481CBM 1551. (This was its first number, then they renamed it)
VIC 1540Single 5.25" 170K, Off-White, Xfer spd > 1541, Serial.
VIC 1541  (5)Single 5.25" 170K, Push-Down Closure, Off-White, Serial