Malyus' Spell Book
This is only a partial list of the spells in Malyus' Spell Book.

Level Name Description
1 Animate Dead Animals

Animate creature with intelligence of Semi-Intellegent or lower into a Skeleton or Zombie.

1 Burning Hands

Caster sends flames out of his hands in a 120 degree arc. The flames inflict 1d3+2 points per level.

1 Detect Magic

Allows the caster to detect if an object is magical.

1 Grease

Covers a 10'x10' area with slippery grease.

1 Feather Fall

Allows the caster and other objects to float gently to the ground.

1 Magic Missile

Caster shoots one missile plus an additional missile for every two levels beyond first level, with a maximum of 10 missiles. Each missles inflicts 1d4+1 points of damage.

1 Protection from Evil

Bestows a Protective Aura around the caster.

1 Protection from Good

Bestows a Protective Aura around the caster.

1 Read Magic

Allows the caster to read magical writing from other Spell Books and Scrolls.

1 Shield

Creates a magical shield to protect the caster.

1 Sleep

Puts 2d4 HD of creatues to sleep, may not affect a creature with greater than 4 HD.

1 Unseen Servant

Creates an invisible butler.

2 Detect Invisibility

Allows the caster to see invisible objects and creatures.

2 Embalm

Prevents the corpse from decaying, and also makes the corpse stronger if animated.

2 Knock

Allows the caster to unlock and open a door, chest, etc.

2 Lock

Allows the caster to lock a door, chest, etc.

2 Melf's Acid Arrow

Shoots a magical arrow at an opponent, inflicting acidic damage over time.

2 Mirror Image

Creates duplicate images of the caster, making it more difficult to be hit.

2 Spectral Hands

Creates two skeletal hands under the control of the caster.

2 Strength

Increases the casters Strength.

3 Bind Familiar

Bind a pre-chosen familiar to the spellcaster.

3 Bone Knit

Heals Undead. With Permancy adds regeneration.

3 Delude


3 Gust of Wind

Creates a strong wind.

3 Infravision

Allows the caster to see in the dark.

3 Lightning Bolt

Caster send a Bolt of Lightning and deals 1d6 points of damage per level of the caster.

3 Tongues

Allows the caster understand additional languages

3 Wind Wall

Creates a wall of wind that prevents missile and breath weapons from penetrating.

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