The Fiasco of 2002

Seeking ways to fill the gaps in my collection, I began a hunt for the most famous Commodore collector in history: George Page. In late January of 2002, I found him! After corresponding with him over the following weeks, it turned out that we had a mutually beneficial deal which could be struck. I wanted a select few of his machines, and he wanted to unload his collection. On February 1st, I flew up to Aurora, Colorado, and I found that Mr. Page had spent the last two weeks preparing his gargantuan mass of equipment for travel. We had only to load a 17' UHAUL truck (to the BRIM), and set it on its way.

Once I arrived, some of the great people whom I am fortunate to call friends assisted me in unloading the entire 850 cubic feet of equipment into my tiny 2-bedroom apartment. Argh!

  • Mr. Page:

  • The Mighty 17 foot UHAUL:

  • Loading it up:

  • The Unloading party:

  • "Green Things" (Computers and Drives specially wrapped for transit):

  • Disk Boxes resting near an open fire (place):

  • A new PETting Zoo!

  • The Mountain O' Monitors

  • Guest Bedroom: no entry! (100 sq. ft. FULL!)

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