The Visual Canonical List of Commodore Products ?

Produced in Some Quantities

Office Equipment
Time Pieces
Mechanical Adding Machine Series
Handheld Calculator Series
Desktop Calculator Series
Video Game Series
KIM "Computer Trainer" Series
Media Player Series
PET 2000 Series
CBM 3000 Series
CBM 4000 Thin Series
CBM 4000 Fat Series
CBM 8000 Series
SuperPet Series
CBM 300 Series
CBM-II Series
VIC-20 Series
CBM-64 Series
C-128 Series
CBM 264 Series
Amiga Series
PC Series
Datasette Series
Disk Drive Series
Printer Series
Monitor Series
Modem Series
Mouse Series
RAM Expanders
CPU Upgrade Series
Networking Series
Cartridge Series
Cassette Software Series
Diskette Software Series
CD Software Series
Miscellaneous Series

Products Not Released

Commodore HHC Series
Commodore TOI Series
Commodore PET Series
Commodore VIC Series
Commodore 128 Series
Commodore 64 Series
Commodore 264 Series
Commodore LCD Series
Commodore 64DX Series
Amiga Series
PC Series
Commodore PC Series
Drive Series
CPU Upgrade Series
Cartridge Series
Miscellaneous Series
C900 Series
Commodore P series

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PC Series
166 MMXPentium 166, 16mb ram, tower case, Tulip computer
286 ATas @286-16 but with extra 5.25" FD, Slimline.
286 SE286, VGA, 1MB RAM, 40 MB HD, 5.25 & 3.5, Cream. "Select Ed"
286-12Looks like @PC-40 w/3.5 & 5.25" drives. Unknown specs
286-16  (2)80286 X 16 Mhz with 2 5.25" drive slots
386DX-33B80386 DX @ 33Mhz Slim cream case. OEM motherboard
386DX-33C80386 DX @ 33Mhz Slim cream case. OEM motherboard
386SX-25A80386SX@25 MHz, SVGA 2MB RAM, 80 MB HD,2 3.5" bays
486 55 MT80486 ?? @ ??Mhz. cream mid-tower,CD-Rom,,OEM 3D Micro/Taiw
486DX-33C80486 DX @ 44Mhz, mid-slim cream case, riser, OEM
486SLC-2580486 SX @ 25Mhz Slim cream case. Probably OEM.
486SX-25Cream case w/3.5" and 2 5.25" bays, all but kybd on ISA,VGA
4S3MPC80486SX @ 33 MHz, VESA SVGA, 4MB RAM, 170 MB HD, X2 CD/Snd
9100-00Official model number of the @PC-10_II
9100-20Official model number of the @PC-20_II
A1060DOS/PC SideCar that connects to an A1000.
A20888088 BridgeBoard for A2000 and higher (4.77 MHz).
A2088DA2088 @ 9.54 MHz.
A2286/880286 @ 8MHz BridgeCard.
A2386/1680386 @ 16MHz BridgeCard.
A2386/2080386 @ 20MHz BridgeCard. PN 363897-02
A2386/2580386 @ 25MHz BridgeCard.
AC 486DX80486DX @ ??Mhz -- rebranded ACER computer?
AC-B1/Are-labeled PC-40-III-1
AC-B3/Are-labeled PC-40-III-1
AN486SX486@25mhz notebook w/roller-mouse, 4mb ram, monochrome?
C286-LT80286 @ 12.5 MHz, 1MB RAM, 20 MB HD, 3.5" FD Notebook.
C325XN80386SX @ 25 MHz, VGA, 2MB RAM, 3.5, 62 MB HD Notebook.
C386DX-33Cream case w/3.5" and 2 5.25" bays, all but kybd on cards,VG
C386SX-20Cream case, 80386SX, 2 5.25" bays, unk specs
C386SX-LT80386SX @ 16 MHz, VGA (8 gray scale), 1 MB RAM, 20MB HD
C386SX-LT20  (2)80386SX @ 20 MHz, VGA, 2MB RAM, 40 MB HD Notebook.
C386SX-LTC80386SX @ ? MHz, VGA color, 4 MB RAM, 90MB HD
C486DX-3380486 DX @ 44Mhz, cream desktop, UMC chipset, OEM
C486SX-LTC80486SX color notebook.
C486SX-LTFNotebook, unknown specs
C64XCore I7@2.2Ghz, 2GBram,1TB hd,C64 BB case, Commodore OS
CL33380386DX@33 MHz, medium tower case, vert. hinged front door for access to floppy drive, power switch, reset/turbo buttons and CPU speed indicator.
CL450e80486DX @ 50 MHz, 32 bit EISA bus, SN# E4500007
CLR 43380486DX-33Mhx,4mb,SVGA,245mbHD,OEM 3D Micro. Taiwanese
CLR 46680486DX-66Mhx,4mb,SVGA,245mbHD,OEM 3D Micro. Taiwanese
CLR 4SX33MPC80486SX-33Mhx,4mb,CD,SVGA,120mbHD,OEM 3D Micro. Taiwanese
ColtPC-10, cream case, 2 X 5.25" DD
DT 386-2580386DX @ 25 MHz, VGA, 1MB RAM, 40 MB HD, Desktop.
DT 386-33 C80386DX @ 33 MHz, SVGA, 4MB RAM, 80/100 MB HD.
DT 486-25 C80486DX @ 25 MHz, SVGA?, 4MB RAM, 100 MB HD.
DT 486-33 C80486DX @ 33 MHz, SVGA, 4MB RAM, 80-120 MB HD.
DT 486SX-25  (2)80486SX @ 25 MHz, SVGA, 4MB RAM, 80 MB HD.
FT600ALaptop, Pentium, 771MB HDD, 56MB ram, floppy, cd, black
HD40 SEPC-10 with 640kB RAM, 360kB 5.25" FD, 40 MB HD. "Sel. Ed"
MediatowerUNK PC, 20gb hard drive, built in display, thin tower
P60CD560pci420/8-Intel P5/60mhz,400mb hd, 2 3.5" & 3 5.25" bays
PALMTOP8088, 140x80x8mm, CGA B&W, 2MB RAM, 2 PCMCIA, 79 keys
PC-18088 @ 4.77 MHz, Non-expandable.
PC-108088 @ 4.77 MHz, 256kB RAM, 2 Floppies, Large Case, German.
PC-10 HDPC-10 with 640kB RAM, 360kB 5.25" FD, 30 MB HD.
PC-10 IIPC-10 with "Combined Board", 640 KB RAM.
PC-10 SDPC-10-III-2 w/ 2x 360kB 5.25" FD, CGA+VGA, MFM 30 MB HD.
PC-10-III  (3)PC-10, large case, CGA + Hercules.
PC-20PC-10 with 1 Floppy/1 10MB HD.
PC-20 IIPC-10 II with 1 floppy, 10 MB HD, later 20 MB.
PC-20-IIIAs @PC-10_III_2 (8088) with 1 floppy, 20 MB HD.
PC-3080186 (US only)
PC-30-III80286 as @PC-40-III (EGA, smaller HD, etc.).
PC-3052Hyperion portable w/2 5.25" drive, 5" display, kybd. Cream.
PC-35-III80286 as @PC-30-III with VGA
PC-4080286 @ 10 MHz, Large Case
PC-40-4080286, Large Case, 3.5 & 5.25" drive, HD, VGA/IO on cards
PC-40-III  (2)AT with 80286, 12 MHz, HD floppy, 20/40 MB HD, VGA
PC-45-III80286 as @PC-40-III, but a bit bigger HD
PC-58088 @ 4.77 MHz, 256kB RAM, 360kB 5.25" FD, monochrome.
PC-5080386SX @ 25MHz.
PC-50-II80386SX @ 16mhz, 4mb ram, 3.5" & 5.25", VGA
PC-6080386DX @ 16 MHz German.
PC-60-IIIAT 80386 @ 25 MHz, 0-200 MB HD, 5.25" and 3.5" FD, Tower.
PC-70Pentium, US only model.
PC-AT80286 IBM-AT clone in large case, grey bezel, 2 5.25" bays
SE 286286, VGA, 1MB RAM, 40 MB HD, 5.25 & 3.5, Cream. "Select Ed"
SE HD40PC-10-3, small cream case, 5.25 & 3.5, 40mb HD "Select Ed"
SL 286 AT80286 @ 16 MHz, VGA, 2MB RAM, 40 MB HD, 3.5" FD, Slimline.
SL 386 SX80386SX @ 16 MHz, VGA, 2MB RAM, 40 MB HD, 3.5" FD.
SL 386-SX2580386SX @ 25 MHz, SVGA 2MB RAM, 80 MB HD.
T 486-25 CDT 486-25 C in Tower Case.
T 486-50 C80486DX @ 50 MHz, SVGA, 4MB RAM, 120 MB HD.
VIC-SlimAtom CPU, grey slim all-1 kybd, touchpad
Web-It80486 all-in case w/touchpad, modem, browser, black