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C= Commodore Computer

(a picture of a c128d) Commodore Business Machines was founded in 1958 by an Auschwitz survivor named Jack Tramiel. After some time in the typewriter, adding machine, and hand-held calculator markets, Commodore became first company to announce that it was producing a consumer-friendly home computer (the PET 2001). Before they filed bankruptcy in 1994, Commodore had also managed to produce the worlds first multi-media computer (a picture of a c64) (the Amiga) , and what is still today the best selling computer model of all time (the Commodore 64). Although this once dominant company is no more, they still yet live in the hearts of those who loved and appreciated this early pioneer in the realm of personal computers.

(a picture of a 1541) (a picture of a tape drive) The first Commodore I ever layed fingers on was a PET-4032 in 6th grade. After playing Weather, and some of the old text adventures, there was no turning back; I was hooked! Not long after, like the rest of the free world, I got a Commodore 64 and wore out the joystick. Then one day, quite to my surprise, I discovered that there were more commands available to me than LOAD and RUN. I took straight to BASIC, and was soon writing games and applications for amusement. Some I wrote with friends who had formed a programmer's group. Most of those programs are lost now, but the BBS I wrote (Zelch) still remains one of my proudest accomplishments. I still use my beloved Commodores on a daily bases. These days I mainly write software for GEOS, which is the best thing ever to happen to our happy 8-bits. You can occassionally find my work on Loadstar 64, and of course my BBS programs page listed below.

Commodore Features

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