Zelch 64 v3.5
Information Page

Released on 05/05/89


TONS of changes in this version.

As you can see below, the editor has been rewritten, and looks much better.

A credit system has been implemented, and it is a ratio system.

The main editor menu.

The Sysop section has been added to the list of areas where keys and access are changable.

The reload option has been added to the SysOp menu, which incorporates any online changes to the main variables file.

The email section, its keystrokes, and access to commands are now changable from the editor. The same is now also true for the program section.

Sub program sections are now changed in the same manner as the message bases, with uppercase letter keystrokes.

A sub editor menu.

Main user data must now be in all capitals, and the user's phone number now includes an area code.

A wheel of fortune online game has been written.

A semi-functional version of the classic online game "Empire" has been written.

The chess game has been rewritten, and is much more sophisticated, as well as posessing better graphics.

The loader initialization screen.

The tune is now gone from the loader program. sigh

The BBS program now protects the disk space of transfer bases, allowing each base to have a minimum disk space number.

The multi-transfers command has been integrated into the regular upload and download commands.

No changes were made to the waiting for call screen.

A string of text notifying the user of the pause and abort keys for file viewing now appears before each file display. I borrowed this idea from CMBBS and still think it's fantastic. After great rangling, this made its way to Zelch 128 also.

The loader screen.

Whether or not the user is in graphics mode now appears in the information window at the top of the screen. The graphical prompt has also changed.

The user can now change his message maker preference, having it default to line numbers mode, with or without word wrap, and uppercase graphics mode. Also, the user's screen columns can now be set to 40 or 80 columns, though this is not broadly supported.

The editor now supports 100 lines of text, with 80 column users forced to use 50 lines at 80 columns.

The number of replies is now posted immediately after a main post is read.

Almost all major text strings in the system are now in uppercase. This was my preference for Zelch 64, and the ability to have it as an option in Zelch 128 was one of the biggest arguments between myself and Bill.

The ability to abort an all new from a reply prompt has been added.

Transfer bases are now listed by letter.

On the local side, the system now appears exactly as it does to the user. This means that users calling in ASCII appear colorless on the SysOp's side as well.

The waiting for call screen.

The ability to download library text files from the library itself has been added.

Chat no longer prompts the user.

That about covers it for this version!

If you find anything in here you have questions or comments about, free to leave me email right here.

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