Zelch 64 v3.1
Information Page

Released on 12/17/88


This is not a major revision, but as a personal note (since this is a kind of BBS diary), at this point I recall believing that Zelch was improving to a "real" competitive BBS program. I also knew "the bug" (see the main Zelch 64 page) fairly well, and was frustrated by it. Much of the time in here was spent trying everything under the sun to remove it, without success.

The loader screen.

In the editor, the user creation/editing functions have been rewritten.

The userlist now allows id numbers as well as a search string.

The vote editing routines have been moved back to the SysOp menu.

Message bases are now changed by entering the letter associated with the SIG. Message bases are now listed by letter, and the change sigs option is now gone.

As in the offline editor, editing users is now parsed into two separate commands, one for main data, and the other for numeric data.

The term program now has a disk channel function.

A good friend of mine, and a Co-SysOp of my BBS in Tucson, Ken Thompson, helped me to write the following documentation files. Thus the great improvement in their quality. :) As always, there is a start up file and the main documentation file.

That about covers it for this version!

If you find anything in here you have questions or comments about, free to leave me email right here.

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