Zelch 64 v1.5
Information Page

Released on 03/01/87


No apparant changes to the editor, except to clean up some oversights in navigating the menus.

The loader screen.

A machine language input routine has been written to get around the comma, colon, etc restrictions in the kernel input routine. The time is now displayed with a colon! Also the number of calls has been added to the waiting for call screen.

The waiting for call screen.

A user information window has also been added, it includes your handle, name, ID number, access level, time on, and when the BBS will throw you off. Ha! I still have that info line before the main prompt though, despite no longer being needed!

Logging on.

No changes to the mail area; colons have not even been added to the message headers yet, there are still those ugly close angle brackets.

No changes to the voting booth.

The main menu.

In the message bases, the opening sig message has been added, and the number of new messages has been added to the number of messages line. Color has been added throughout so that colors from messages don't bleed over to prompts. An index is also now kept so that the highest message number from each SIG may be known. This is a poor way to handle new messages, but I don't figure it out until later on...

Ther is now a transfers section! It's an open directory system with unmarked files being available for download. Punter is the protocol of choice.

An option to delete entire messages has been added to the SIG editor program. Nothing else is new in either of the SysOp areas.

That about covers it for this version!

If you find anything in here you have questions or comments about, free to leave me email right here.

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