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Advanced Computing Environment, a unix-like OS by Craig Bruce.
André Fachat's multitasking operating system.
GEOS programs for the C64.
LUnix, Little Unix by Daniel Dallmann.


BASIL-PET_emulator_d64.zip    (dir) 2024-05-31 546409
BASIC PET Emulator with manual in pdf

kim2d64.d64.gz    (dir) 2024-05-31 24289
KIM-1 emulator for the C64

PET Emulator.lnx    (dir) 2024-05-31 4605
PET Emulator v0.6/021583 with DOS manager v5.1/071382 by Bob Fairbairn, ©
1982 Commodore Business Machines.

TRIANGULAR uOS 1.27_d64.zip    (dir) 2024-02-07 236891
BASIC GUI OS for the C64

vic-emulatorC64.lnx    (dir) 2024-05-31 3840
This is a very primitive VIC-20 emulator. You might be able to run some
simple BASIC programs with this.

wings_d64.zip    (dir) 2024-02-07 523397
WiNGs OS for C64 w/ SuperCPU. Zip includes CMDHD directory tree.

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