News (2/22/07):
CoffeeMud 5.3 is released to the public, and a wonder of possibilities along with it.

News (9/10/06):
CoffeeMud 5.2 is released to the public.

News (3/23/06):
CoffeeMud 5.1 is released to the public, and is almost too good to believe.

News (1/18/06):
CoffeeMud 5.0 is released to the public. Can you believe this thing is free?

News (10/20/05):
CoffeeMud 4.7.6 is released to the public. The size, scope, and power of this code base continues to expand beyond the grasp of reason.

News (6/5/05):
CoffeeMud 4.7 is released. The best codebase on Earth just keeps getting better.

News (11/13/04):
CoffeeMud 4.6 is released. These continue to be exciting times for our humble codebase. We have expanded the mud engine in directions it never knew it could go, and our sights are ever on the horizon.

News (05/24/04):
CoffeeMud 4.5 is released. The new release is leaps and bounds over the old. As always, we move forward with reckless abandon. The other codebases can't even see us from here.

News (11/19/03):
CoffeeMud 4.1 is released

News (09/05/03):
CoffeeMud 4.0 is released

News (03/09/03):
CoffeeMud 3.0 is still the latest version, but the next version is well underway! Already we have new skills to support player homes, new commands to make the mud friendlier, sheaths, subways, new classes and skills, and much more. Join us at the CoffeeMud Yahoo group!

News (12/14/02):
CoffeeMud 3.0 is OUT, stable, and FUN! Join us, and see why we are the BEST!

News (11/23/02):
Although this 3 month project dragged into 6, CoffeeMud 3.0 is officially DONE. There is a new CoffeeMud info site at Final documentation is being written up, although Installation and general user docs are finished. WHEW!

News (9/01/02): CoffeeMud 3.0 development resumes.

News (5/1/02):
CoffeeMud 3.0 is about 93% done. All that remains to be done is the Druid class, the Bard Map skill, and a few more Common skills. Development has been stalled since 4/10/02, but will hopefully resume soon. Due to the slow down, guilds (subclasses) is being dropped from 3.0. However, dozens of new spells, commands, and capabilities have been plugged in. For users of older versions, database and architectural/API changes are very few and far between considering all that's being done. And yes, MUDGrinder will proceed after 3.0 is completed. The new MUDGrinder will be based on the built-in web server piece instead of the stand-alone java application written previously.

News (4/10/02): CoffeeMud 3.0 development stops.

News (2/22/02): CoffeeMud 3.0 is begun.

News (2/21/02):
CoffeeMud 1.2.5 testing and debugging has been wrapped up and 1.2 is officially bug free. MUDGrinder was the only major component NOT updated. It will be in the next version, though. The 1.2 source files, along with a good and simple database solution called "fakedb", are available for download from the 1.2 link below. A play testing site has also been put together, based mostly on ROM area files. If you are brave, then email me, and I will tell you how to get to it!

News (9/25/01):
Sip v1.1 is released! The latest version of the bare-bones mud client "Sip" can now be downloaded from this page. New features include: up and down arrow "Command-History" capabilities, and definable function keys! To define an fkey, enter your commands (seperate multiple commands with "~") and then hold down ALT and press an fkey. Press the fkey again to retreive the command. Commands are saved in the .ini file.

News (9/11/01):
CoffeeMud 1.2 is begun! Using the area files of other MUDs is chosen as the solution to the play areas problem. Extending the GenClasses solves the flexibility issues.

News (3/15/01):
CoffeeMud 1.0 is official. However, the coded solution leaves very few options for on-line editor, and no obvious source for play areas. Development stalls.

News (12/22/00):
CoffeeMud is born, when the author's dot-com goes back into business plan mode, leaving him with too much time on his hands. Coworkers decide to pitch in.

News (9/22/00):
CoffeeMud is conceived, when the author's painful attempt to help a friend learn java turns into a coding monopoly and frenzy on his part. Original code is scrapped.